Data Walking

Research Project

The aim of this project is to collect environmental data while walking around a specific area to build a rich picture of that area over time. Data gathering devices include sensors on micro controllers, smart phones, and recorded notes. This data is then used to create maps, charts, data experiences, or artistic works by participants to represent the area and the process of the project.

This is an ongoing research project in collaboration with Ravensbourne, a university sector college in North Greenwich, London, focused on the creative sector. Recently the Data Cylinders pictured were featured in the Barbican Centre, as part of the FIL Interfaces exhibition.

The next phase of the project will be visualising walks across New York and Amsterdam. Data gathering is currently underway and experimental techniques and forms for visualising the data being explored.

Take Flight: Magicicada

Music Festival Installation

I was commissioned to create an installation for Lovebox and Citadel, summer music festivals in Victoria Park, London. Lovebox is now in it's 13th year and this became the focus of the research for the piece. Periodical Cicadas, are special species of cicada that emerge from the ground en-masse every 13 or 17 years, climb into the trees together, sing to attract mates and begin the lifecycle again. The similarities between a music festival and such a natural event inspired the wing designs, colours, structured gathering and placement amongst the trees of the installation.

Eat My Words

Data Visualisation Installation

A collaboration with Artist Annie Nichols. For years now Annie as a food stylist and artist has been interested in the performance of cooking in the kitchen. The repeat journey’s we make. The marks we make, and leave over time, because of them.

Most kitchen layouts are designed using a classic work triangle. It is a concept used to determine the most efficient use of space in a kitchen, usually between the cooker, fridge and the sink. But Annie is also interested in the different journeys we might make for creating, making and baking different recipes. What would the journeys look like if we could visualise them?

For the Fish Island Labs Interfaces exhibition Annie created Eat My Words. A light and sound installation based on the making of her Mum, Winnie’s, Victoria Sponge Cake recipe, of which she was famed. The sound artist Christin Rauter, recorded the sounds of making the cake in Annie's kitchen in Hackney Wick, and kitchen has been recreated as a light installation.

I worked with Annie to record the cake making journey and help create a digital visualisation of my cake. I produced a digital map of Annie making the cake, using my body movements within the spacem recorded using a Kinect. This created beautiful, frenzied images of the recipe making which make up the printed floor of the installation, visible above.

About Time

Data-Driven Clock

A collaboration with Annie Nichols. Annie is very interested in the idea of the sharing of space and time between different communities. Bringing an awareness of others, and a here and a there. Within her first year at Central Saint Martins, Annie won a competition (in conjunction with London Borough of Camden, The Holborn Hotel, C.S.M and Gloucester St Residents Association) to create a site specific public art work.

Working closely with local residents, she created ‘About Time’ a 3 screen video projection, which included a video clock using 24 hours of video footage filmed in resident’s homes and local businesses. One hour of footage was taken of each clock and edited together to create a working 24 hour clock.

Now, as a member of Fish Island Labs where she has been introduced to so many new and exciting technologies, Annie has been inspired to produce the clock again and bring it up-to-date, so she invited Me to collaborate and create a new clock for 2015.

About Time is a real-time data-driven clock pulling photographic information from around the vicinity of the Barbican and City of London, processing and re-rendering that data as time passes. In this way, About Time provides a colourful, visual log and representation of the activity, environment and the culture of the local area over the duration it is present.

DDA Award

3D Printed Award

An award I designed for the YouGov Data Design competition. This is an annual student contest, challenging students to develop designs using the YouGov profiling tool and their data.

The concept behind the award design was to combine bar charts and typography into a generative sculpture, utilising the newest software, technology and processes, which we felt communicated the approach and mission of YouGov and their Data Design competition. I created the award out of code in Processing and used SketchUp to check the generated form, then it was printed with a MakerBot 3D printer.

Take Flight

Interactive Sculpture

Take Flight is an interactive sculpture combining both fragility and vigour. Thirty-two sets of rhythmically beating wings mounted on a surface behave as a swarm, influenced both by one another and the curious visitors who may approach them. Take Flight is dynamic, occupying a space somewhere between the natural and the synthetic.

Each set of wings that make up the sculpture is unique, its design generated using a specific algorithm and the delicate filigree pattern giving each pair a distinctive character, creating an intriguing foil to their insistent movements.

Take Flight was commissioned for Level39, Canary Wharf. It has since been exhibited at NOW Gallery, North Greenwich, and Fish Island Labs, Hackney Wick.

You can view a video of Take Flight in action on vimeo: takeflight. If you are interested in including Take Flight in an exhibition, or further commissions, please get in touch using the details below.

A big thank you to Britta Pollmuller, Richard Colson, Keith Watson, Jeremy Gardiner, Jake Durrant, Jason Taylor, Stefan Christou, and especially Sam Greenfield.

Creative Coding Club

Education Programme

Creative Coding Club establishes a time and space at Ravensbourne to build a cross-course community for those who want to learn coding, improve their existing skills, or just to get to know others interested in coding. No experience required, all are welcome.

If you have an interest in coding, come along; if you have a project that requires some coding and you don't know where to start or how to finish, come along; If you are interested in making websites, apps, connected devices, installations, interaction, then come along.

This is an unstructured session, and driven by self-directed learning. Come along when you want, learn what you want, and no need to attend every session.

I will be on hand to help in any way I can; from advising on where to get started, pushing your skills, or solving annoying technical issues. I'll try my best, I hope you will too, and then share that learning with others.

Above all let's make it enjoyable and enjoy what we can make!

Ravensbourne Sketchbooks


Generative graphics for the covers of Ravensbourne Graphic Design course sketchbooks. The graphics were overprinted on discarded stock creating a huge range of varied cover design outcomes. By using discarded stock the project addresses issues of sustainability and reduces cost and waste.

London Live

Generative Visuals Application

I was asked by an agency to create applications that generated artwork based on realtime image search and weather data. The example pictured searched for images on a theme (in this example 'flowers') which are geolocated in London, select colours and generate the artwork. The application allowed you to search for any image themes and control how they were manipulated. The applications were used by their agency as part of their pitch for the channel indents for new Digital TV station London Live.

Creative Coding 2013

Education Programme

Creative Code 2013 was a six week extra-curricular course to introduce programming to Graphic Design students at Ravensbourne College. Using Processing, the basics of programming were covered and then students were encouraged to explore further and tackle a brief or integrate creative coding into their own projects.


Multidisciplinary designer and programmer, creating interactive experiences for spaces and screens, and data-driven generative design outcomes

I am a Senior Lecturer on Ravensbourne's Graphic Design BA, having taught there across different courses over the past four years.

Previously I worked for six years as a freelance designer and developer at agencies across London, and managing my own clients.

I studied Graphic Art & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University, gaining my Masters there in 2006.


phone: +44 7869104906
twitter: @DHDPIC
instagram: @dhunterrr

Fish Island Labs,
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